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update. // Sunday, April 13, 2014
11:27 PM
Hey peeps! I just back from my ultimate-final-last mid semester holiday! No holiday after become a true employee lol. The down side of this holiday was unable to meet up everyone. Blame the only car in my home is not available(my sis drive to Penang-Ipoh for working). Even I went out with my parents taking bus, so pathetic lol.

Anyway, do you know I never ride an airplane before? Haha yea I am that kind or rural lolololol so this time back to KL I was able to experience taking a flight :D I love it so much that I whined about how fast the plane reached KL(1st flight took 45mins, 2nd flight took 35mins only zzz). LOL I know I sounds so lame but I can't help it, the ride was too fast! Anyway, as usual, when you board into a plane the first time and your seat was next to the window so you can't stop taking pictures the whole journey! Okay I am getting annoying LOLOLOL
2014-04-04 07.17.08
Sunrise, too bad I was sitting the opposite side so the sky was orangy/pinky instead the big egg yolk.

2014-04-13 14.56.19
On the way back Penang. The cloud was so fluffy I feel like eating it nyam! xD

Second thing to be excited was my newly IT product, the detachable phone lenses! (Which I complained before about the process of purchasing in my previous post, for the whole story you can look up from there) The first thing when I reached home was immediately checking the lenses whether it was on good condition or not and hands on on it. Luckily, nothing disappointing and I had been bringing it out every outing teehee! I really love how it can take the whole scenery so nice but the downside is, it only focus the middle and things beside is not that clear. I had experimented with food and people only, forgot to take it out to use it when I was on my way flied to Penang. 
C360_2014-04-04-17-16-08-217 C360_2014-04-09-17-20-13-033

2014-04-09 17.29.27

Jump topic, this last seven weeks will be my hectic and crucial weeks. Fyp starts production, involve in Impact Week and Graphic Comm big projects. All gonna 'accompany' me till the very end of my schooling years. You know all these things are stressing me and I keep saying I am going to commit suicide. LOL. I was just kidding but the worst maybe is that solution? Geez I have to stop thinking about that which is really a irresponsible act. I am going to do my very best and if things disappoint me, I must stay positive! (you know positive energy is hardly available when negative energy surrounds every single place) Anyhooo, wish myself all the best!

Signing off,
alison aka alis aka ali aka siow ee aka small ee aka siew yu aka small one LOLOLOLOL

Campbell street. // Sunday, March 30, 2014
11:47 AM
An impromptu photo-shoot(lol muka tebal) since I borrowed a DSLR from my friend. Teehee. Really love the quality although it is just a entry level DSLR. Gosh, making me indecisive again cause initially I gave up DSLR and go for semi-pro camera. Now, I don't know what to think!
Anyhooo, enjoy the pictures! xD I think I just need to polish up my pose and expression more then I can become a model hahahahahahah *narcissist* who want to do a photo-shoot can call me up xD *hard sell myself xD*

you never know. // Monday, March 24, 2014
1:58 PM

I know I shouldn't be acting so. I should respect her and whatever decision she make is better off than what I think. But I can't help that the promise she made to me is a valid one instead replace with others. The matter of fact it was just a small petite promise for you but I didn't see it that way. It was not a direct promise but once you said it I will take it very serious. You never said the thing was to replace the "promise" made earlier so you cannot just said I was throwing tantrum. But the most hurtful one you said "just like she said". You always favor her than me. I always know it. But the way you act when the two of us besides you is so obvious. Obviously I am just a replacement when she is not with you. You like her more and I have no intention to change your preference but please be fair when both of us are here. One of the reason I dislike her(I still got plenty reasons) is the way you being bias.

You never study me. You never try to know me. You never know how much hard time I have when I studied overstate. You thought I am all happy and adapt the life here well but it is the opposite. The first year was torturing but I didn't tell you to avoid your worrisome. You never know how miserable when there is time I hope you are just beside me. I buy things that I want using my own money and only sometimes I want a thing and I requested from you(normally not big issue things like groceries), you said I ALWAYS want the one but you see, mostly I can settle myself without your help. What is your definition of  ALWAYS want the thing I want. If you want to count like that please LIST it down to make me clear HOW I ALWAYS THROW TANTRUM when I didn't get what I want. I don't want to argue cos there is third party there, if I want to I can just SHOUT how I didn't ask you or request you to do if I CAN HANDLE MY OWN.

#heartbroken #ialwaysknowit

unpleasant experience in online shopping. // Wednesday, March 5, 2014
5:30 PM

I always fascinate with the idea of online shopping where I can save my time and energy to get dress, go out, instead just a few clicks I can get what I want. Most importantly, things are limited, special and cheaper than what we find in the store. So as a newbie, although did not try it directly, I always have my friend helping me when come to this kind of things. But, it always ended up a bad experience.

First, I bought a wash, cut, treatment and dye voucher together with my friends in groupon. But after the payment, we called to make appointment for our visit, the phone number can't called through. We tried many times but still no answer. So we decided to call groupon to know what's wrong with the saloon and get other number stated in the voucher. The service of the person in phone(maybe that time it was still a new company but no excuse for that) was terrible, he seems like not willing to entertain us, the "little kid"(as that time we were still young and don't really know how to communicate better in English*not that now is good but at least better than the younger us*) and just perfunctory us. ZZZZZZZ so bad service and we don't want to talk more to him! So after some time we got another number and call again for booking yet nobody answer it. Luckily the saloon located near to one of our friend's house, so we asked her to help us to do the booking. Finally, she made the booking and we got our time slot on the saloon. When we reach there, we was in a state of surprise. Surprise of what we saw in the pictures in groupon was totally different than what we saw there. Doom. It looks like a transgender(no offence) saloon and the chemical smells was worse than other saloon I had been before. OH MY GOD. We don't dare to do anything hair cutting and dying, ended up we got only treatment. Okay, that was really a scary experiences we don't want to encounter anymore.

After that incident, I always fear and paranoid to online shopping. But the online shopping wave was too popular that a famous China web shopping, TaoBao.com had made me fallen into online shopping. What I like in the website is which they always offer new and interesting things. I bought twice from there, through my friends which they helped me to settle all the transaction. Much less hassle as I just need to pay my friend and they just settle everything for me.


The goods were somehow okay cause I know the limitation of online shopping and I should not expect the best from the site. But the 1st time I bought TaoBao from the agent, the delivery fees cost more than I expected and I felt frustrated cos it should not be that heavy of the things I bought. Fine, you can't taken back after you paid for the things so I had to pay the super expensive delivery fees. Is okay, I told myself, it was my fault for choosing that agent which I didn't do much research for the delivery fees. FINE.

Then the second time to order TaoBao, I became more cautious and do a lot of research on the delivery fees of the agent. Turned out the 2nd time shopping was a pleasant one and the speed of delivery was faster than I imagine(cause the 1st one used almost 2 months to arrive but this used 2 weeks to arrive). Wooohooooo! I was much satisfied for the service and speed so I might be back again for this agent.

The forth time of online shopping was quite okay too, it was my friend's birthday and we wanted to have a meal with her. They saw a discounted lunch in a cafe through livingsocial.com.

I forgotten what was the reason it ended up me to pay first, but the transaction was a success. I still remember I was so afraid into online shopping when I clicked any buttons, I always read carefully to avoid any mistake. After successful buying it, I straight away told one of my friend and told her how fun was online shopping. Haha such an idiot when I think back. So the third time of online shopping convince me that it is not that bad.

The fifth time, which happened yesterday, I bought something from groupon.com. I was nervous yet excited of the whole new thing. Is okay, I done it before, so the procedure was almost the same as livingsocial.com. Until the last button I clicked, it said successful. Wooohoooooo!


Another success of online shopping...........................................................
Until I received an email, it stated not successful and the bank had deducted my money.

I was like WTFFFFFFF??!!! So, I quickly checked my bank status and the saving really gone lesser. I called the bank immediately to ask what happened but they told me I should call groupon instead. Cause the money had deducted and the problem was what happened in between groupon and the dealer. Fine, fine, fine. I called groupon to check my status of the goods. But it turned out to be successful. I doubted so I asked again and the person in the phone said IT WAS SUCCESSFUL. You heard me, IT WAS SUCCESSFUL. Fine, fine, fine. Maybe the email had gone wrong and I had confirmed from both party that the money had paid and groupon said it was a success transaction. Fine, I just have to stop being paranoid.

Instead, today I checked my status in groupon again, it said NOT SUCCESSFUL??!!!!

WT$&;*^%!$*_*^%#@!$FFFFFFFFFF IS GOING ON??!!!! How come the status changed???!!!! Okay I thought I just called my bank again and tell them about my problem and get my money back. I don't want to buy that thing anymore just give me back my money!!!! This is really wasting my phone call's money and spoiling my mood!!!! I felt tremendously disappointed and I don't want to argue anything. JUST GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY.

I did not call my bank immediately after I found out the status, I took my sweet time to do other things and when it was 4pm, I know I must make the call(cos the bank operates until 4.30pm). Okay fine. I tell myself again why don't I check my status again? So, the next thing I was logging into groupon again and see the status.



FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. I can't tahan already must call groupon to confirm again!!! So I called groupon again. You know, my hostel line is suck-til-the-max so I had called in for 2 times but they hang up on me cos the line was so bad, they can't really hear me(and I barely hear them too). The 3rd time I sat on my roomate's place and called again. Tu-tu.... Tu-tu.. wow the sound much more clearer and I can called in like FINALLY. I talked to the person in charge about my status and she checked for me. She said IT WAS SUCCESSFUL. Are you guys playing with me why keep giving me true false alarm??!!! I insisted was she sure about it??? She said the previous was unsuccessful but now successful again. OMGGGGGGG I feel like smacking and cursing!!!! Feels like being dumbfounding!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until I get the goods in my hand, Imma going to check my groupon status EVERYDAY to make sure everything is fine!(Fuuu it is wasting my time and energy!)

Moral of the story: I don't know whether you experience the same as me or different, but I can tell I am not going to buy anything through website anymore I don't want to put myself in a position of this! I "pay" more than the price that it should be zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz NOT CONVENIENT AT ALL!!!!

can you listen to my voice? // Saturday, March 1, 2014
3:16 PM

*Just a small voice out from the buried self of me which people don't really see it. If you find it too much to read you can skip reading it. But if you happened to be so patient and read all of it, I feel grateful and thankful :)*

Yesterday had been a good talk with my friend in the phone for almost 1 hour! Well we can talk a lot and don't care what topic it is lol. As usual, the so-call-not-friendly of me always having a lot of problem to interact with people, and a lot of assignments' problem and relationship with members encounter, I was quite moody. A simple phone call from this best bud although we didn't touch about schooling things and we mainly talked about our future job and gossiping lololololol I was having a good talk with him :) When was the last time I have this kind of comfortable and feeling no stress to speak anything? I don't really recall any when I was in Uni cause I always scared I say something wrong(ok not all the people in Uni but most of them. I am afraid to bump into and don't know what to say so I always avoid myself to bump into them). I always have a phobia to talk in an ease way or else it will end up very awkward. But when times goes on, I started to ignore that and just silent myself instead(like I said, just avoid them). It is the best solution when you are silent and you will not going to start a wrong conversation and offended people. Don't ask me why I became so timid now cause I also don't know the main cause. Maybe, all I can say is I started to see the world differently compare to the old naive me? Haha, life is complicated and human is much more complicated. I don't think I want to get involved in between conversation and I have immune to being a invisible man. Ya this is what I thought. But I can't help to blame myself for what I did to myself and people really starting to forget me. I blame myself not contacting my old friends anymore in an excuse "I am busy with my assignments"; I blame myself I am not that easy to open my heart to see people; I blame myself why I cannot talk freely; I blame myself for whatever reason the current me. I envy to those people that can talk anything without offended people and bring laughter to others. So, friends who have been staying with me, I am really glad you are in my life and don't wish to lose you. You know I don't have much friends except you? ;)

Another thing I rarely talk about is my love life. I have been single for 5 years I think? Lololololol. When we talked about it in the phone, I was surprise anything can happened even in these few years. Some of our friends get a love life for few times, some still struggling like me lol and some, getting married? Wow. All I can say I am impressed by what time can do to us, do to me. Can't denied the pass 5 years I have been in love with someone, secretly or openly, just that it is not the best time getting in relationship or I missed the timing of getting relationship and the list goes on. Right now, I am living alright(in a sense of I still have my family and some close friends accompany me), but I can't help to get jealous to those having relationship. I missed someone to take care of me, hug me, sweet talk with me, share mutual feeling, and etc etc. Although Kpop stars and K-drama both brainwash me about the type of boyfriend I should find lol but actually, I know those things would not happened in reality. Drama is too ideal and those acts only to pleased the audiences and not showing what reality it should be(too much of cinematic studies and immune to those impossible and predicted actions lol). I didn't fantasize it should be good looking like Kim Soo Hyun, gentle and caring like Park Yoo Chun, tall like Lee Min Ho etc etc. I know what I am looking for, although friends around me always said I set my target too high and impossible to achieve. But what? I didn't ok, I always ended up liking someone which is ordinary and have some flaws instead of the imaginary Korean lead actor criteria. Some how I still can't find one after all this while lol maybe I don't have any charm to attract guys anymore lolololololol Should be start worrying instead of laughing myself lol. I am not young anymore okay, I really don't think I have that much time to waste, but when am I going to meet the right one? Hmmm, I need someone to introduce me to someone now lolololololol I sounds so desperate xD 

Anyways, I think I wrote too much than it suppose to, so gonna stop it or else the whole world knows I am a timid who hard to communicate with people yet wanted to find a boyfriend lolololol.

Trying to stay positive and I hope I won't ran out of positive energy,

still alive. lol. // Monday, February 24, 2014
4:23 PM
Saranghae(사랑의), my newest signature pose. lol.

Bonjour! I am writing this to keep a proof I am still alive lol.
New year had passed, Chinese New year had passed, Valentines day had passed and now is almost end of February! 2014 already passed 2 months oh gosh! My mindset still in the beginning of 2014 lol. Anyways, in this final semester, yours truly will experience the very very last schooling days in my 19 years of study journey. Feeling mixture to this status. What I have grown up for the pass 19 years in schooling? What is my road of bright future? Although I have started to think what to do after graduate, but I don't dare to think what kind of satisfaction those job can offer me to work for the rest of my life. People said passion is the one who keep you going on but sometimes passion cannot beat the reality. I still have to back to square in order to sustain the lifestyle. Another thing I am not good with is the communication between human. Human is complex. You don't know what they are thinking and to please someone you have to becareful of what should and shouldn't to talk. A slight miscommunication then everything you have built is doom. It is really hard to become a human. I always thinking am I getting slightly of Asperger or Autistic. Lol. Funny and not funny cos I really don't know how to say about my communication skills.

But right now I have to stop worrying and do the best for my final year project. I think I will the busiest of all semester so I hope my body have enough of strength to cop with this hectic lifestyle after resting for 1 month lol. God bless me!