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Graduated! // Tuesday, February 17, 2015
8:48 PM
Good news, good news! Well I think most of you already knew(like n-months ago lol imma overdue it so long lolllll) and it is not too late to announce, yours truly

I S  O F F I C I A L L Y  G R A D U A T E D ! *teehee*


Wait! This is my best solo pic??! Yes I didn't take much on myself *sob* so no choice *sob and regret*

Finally completed and ended my schooling life which lasted 19 years woot! Such a long time of studying! All those hard work, to prove I can endure schooling life lololol to make myself more educated (Hmmm in terms of what?), become a better person(morally and mentally more), bring proud to the family(yeah yeah my sis done a lot better than me) etc etc. Sometimes I did wonder all the attention only for that certificate?? Well I can’t say someone is better than someone base on solely their education, but the pathetic and bias world now only judge someone through that. Hate to say but sometimes higher education doesn’t mean you are mightier than others. Especially the morality and etiquette, as the saying goes "1st world nation but 3rd world mentality". Well no offense zzzzzz (I didn’t say I am the best but I am trying to change this by being courtesy and helpful if I am able to do it)

Okay wait why am I being so extreme? Lol okay focus back to my graduation lol

From preschool graduation, high school, pre-Uni until now, I never ever imagine I really can wear that Chinese so called “square hat” lololol (just knew it called mortal board) and proudly announced “Yeah I have graduated in a degree!”
I can still remember when I was 5, I didn’t attend my preschool graduation as I was sick(always sick in crucial time lol), I can’t stand on the stage with my fellow friends and my first grad picture taken in my school. Everyone took theirs during the ceremony and group picture already taken…. Without me. Lol was so sad back then.

But then I still don’t know what the motive to study is. Never ever someone tell me why I should study. I just blindly know I must get good results to please my parents (no no to be exact in front of the relatives lol). You know when you are from a chinese background, the family is “kiasu” which means afraid to lose (I bet now not even Chinese but all races are kiasu *no offense*). My family is erm, all my cousins are super brilliant and compare to me I am just typical. UPSR was so so and my mum straight away put me in a girls school (I think mum wanted to educate me better hmmm).

From form 1 to form 3 still okay everything was fine until I was in form 4, which was the glorious moment in my life, the rebellious phase lolololol results all fallen and was not in a mood to study. So my form 5 life was so hard cause need to catch up what I had missed and yeah, my SPM results was not as good as I wished for. The seniors so-called honeymoon was not honeymoon at all, as I think back, was a bit regret if I was able to handle my fun life with studies at the same time. 

Hah still, I can grad la lol.
Pre-Uni's study life was better because I amended my mistake and tried to juggle between studies and fun life equally. Well to say the schooling life in pre-U was the best because judging from what I get from STPM (still my biggest satisfaction) and what I experienced, I had best of both world. A bunch of classmates which we are still good friends even we didn't meet often, good and dedicated school teachers and also tuition teachers hahahah. Honestly I miss that time the most!

Not to say my Uni life was bad but it was a different kind of experience. And also I learned the most from this time of life. Really wonder how those who study overseas can overcome their homesick? Because just 4 hours drive from my home I had always wanted to go back if I had the chance (holiday!) But because of that, the endurance and patient make me more independent, and yeah some sides of humanity(hmmm tough mind lol). Anyway, Penang oh Penang, it is a beautiful island which most of my friends (penang lang motor gang!) live here! Haha the best part was when they bring you out to round the island, also with my roommate and those who are not from Penang, we tend to explore the island fullest! From knowing only the places around Uni to now I know how to go to the town area; know road's names; famous cafes and mural; shopping malls etc etc. Still I have my only regret which I didn’t explore the outskirts of island like hiking, beaches and Bukit Bendera ish! Just have to say my friends are not really into outdoor and sports “bo kaki ah!”

All comes to one and only, my last graduation in my life. The down side to grad in Penang is no friends come to the ceremony. Y U ALL LIVE IN KL??! *derp face* Never mind, wedding invite you all la LOLOLOLOLOL


























P.S: I look super fat in all the pictures! Especially my face omgggggg told you I grow fat already soooobbbbb
P.P.S: Pictures credited to my lousy camera, Mayple, Hadi and Yen Mei I think lolllll
P.P.P.S: Just figure out I took so less pictures and I didn't take pic with many people! (Luckily during Gala Night taken with most of you :D)
P.P.P.P.S: Was soooooo hot and all of us taking pictures at the time where the sun was on its hottest and brightest and it was outdoor that's why I(we) sweat like mad!

One memorable phrase has ended and new one is waiting of me. Hope I can experience something interesting (positive one please lol). Well you never know what happen next. #YOLO!!!!!!! :D

Post-schooling // Thursday, May 29, 2014
11:35 PM

The title says it all. Can't believe, really can't believe this day is almost come! Toast to those bloody three years, all good and bad mixed together, and is time to say goodbye. Actually I don't have much feelings about it, maybe I still have two weeks time in Penang. (Not going back to KL cos still got some things to settle) Maybe after that two weeks the feeling will overflow? Nahhhhh, right now have to rest as much as I can. I am so done with all those shooting and editing!!! (production phobia)

For your info, lots of my coursemates knew what to do after graduate, either part time or full time or exchange programmes. While me, solely no plan other than my family trip on July. Gosh what am I saying that is not even a plan! Screw me, I have no idea what to do now. Normally I had plans in studies, from primary to secondary; secondary to tertiary, but now tertiary to no-where-to-go. Told you before, my plan stops until entering University, the what-to-do-after-University is completely a blank paper. So for now on, what should I do? Where to start? *face palm* *wanted to hit myself so much*

Enough for all the ranting, actually I want to post lotsa pictures of my school's gala night/prom night/comm night hahah although the pictures qualities are sucks but I don't care :P Spot yourselves in the pictures! Enjoy the pictures! Too bad I didn't take pictures with all of them but most of them. The only time everyone dolled up like a superstar LOLOLOLOL just saying xD It was such a memorable night!

Event: 'Le Royale Rouge' Gala Night
Date: 25th May 2014
Venue: Bayview Hotel Georgetown, Penang
Theme: Red, red, RED!

Finally a picture of us after separated from 2 different major! The foursome LOL

The FYP team wooohhhoooo!!!

52 63

Someone's fake lashes keep dropping, I was the temporary makeup artist lol

Ten girls' appetites! Don't play play LOLOLOLOL we are big eaters xD

The dean's list! Wahahaha proud to be one of it xD (spot me wehhh)

All of us donning red+black+white related outfits!



Us having fun and crazy moment on the stage lol



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22 61

21 20

47 45

19 50

18 46

17 16

14 15

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6 11

30 31

34 35



#penanglangmotorgang looked stunning! P.S: penanglangmotorgang is our gang's name lol

Until someone photo-bombed us zzzzzzzz


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39 40
Just realised I took super less selfie pics ishhhhhh... But yeah end with my vain model pictures will do lolllll Until then, 안녕!