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Post-schooling // Thursday, May 29, 2014
11:35 PM

The title says it all. Can't believe, really can't believe this day is almost come! Toast to those bloody three years, all good and bad mixed together, and is time to say goodbye. Actually I don't have much feelings about it, maybe I still have two weeks time in Penang. (Not going back to KL cos still got some things to settle) Maybe after that two weeks the feeling will overflow? Nahhhhh, right now have to rest as much as I can. I am so done with all those shooting and editing!!! (production phobia)

For your info, lots of my coursemates knew what to do after graduate, either part time or full time or exchange programmes. While me, solely no plan other than my family trip on July. Gosh what am I saying that is not even a plan! Screw me, I have no idea what to do now. Normally I had plans in studies, from primary to secondary; secondary to tertiary, but now tertiary to no-where-to-go. Told you before, my plan stops until entering University, the what-to-do-after-University is completely a blank paper. So for now on, what should I do? Where to start? *face palm* *wanted to hit myself so much*

Enough for all the ranting, actually I want to post lotsa pictures of my school's gala night/prom night/comm night hahah although the pictures qualities are sucks but I don't care :P Spot yourselves in the pictures! Enjoy the pictures! Too bad I didn't take pictures with all of them but most of them. The only time everyone dolled up like a superstar LOLOLOLOL just saying xD It was such a memorable night!

Event: 'Le Royale Rouge' Gala Night
Date: 25th May 2014
Venue: Bayview Hotel Georgetown, Penang
Theme: Red, red, RED!

Finally a picture of us after separated from 2 different major! The foursome LOL

The FYP team wooohhhoooo!!!

52 63

Someone's fake lashes keep dropping, I was the temporary makeup artist lol

Ten girls' appetites! Don't play play LOLOLOLOL we are big eaters xD

The dean's list! Wahahaha proud to be one of it xD (spot me wehhh)

All of us donning red+black+white related outfits!



Us having fun and crazy moment on the stage lol



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22 61

21 20

47 45

19 50

18 46

17 16

14 15

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6 11

30 31

34 35



#penanglangmotorgang looked stunning! P.S: penanglangmotorgang is our gang's name lol

Until someone photo-bombed us zzzzzzzz


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Just realised I took super less selfie pics ishhhhhh... But yeah end with my vain model pictures will do lolllll Until then, 안녕!